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How To Choose The Right Domain Name

Choosing A Domain Name

Is it necessary to give your domain name a second thought? And does having in-depth thinking about your domain name of any significance?

Are you of the opinion that regardless of your domain name, people will visit your website as long as your site has a good quality and business? If you fall into this category of people, then, you have to rethink.

The truth is that domain name is a vital component of any website that can mar or make your website. Thus, it is in your best interest to use an effective domain name for your site.

In case you are wondering why a domain name is so vital, below are your answers;

  • Serves as the first impression: Every impending user will first see your URL before reaching your site. So, you can be confident of making a good and lasting impression from the start with a good domain name – and not the other way round.
  • Influences SEO: Although it is unnecessary to use exact match domains (EMDs); however, your SEO will rank well by having keywords in your domain name.
  • Defines a brand: if you would like to enhance your brand recognition, your domain name is an excellent place to start.

To choose the best Domain name for your website, below are seven tips to consider:

  1. Use a shorter name

A concise domain name with a short length is ideal. The most common length of the domain name is about twelve characters, based on a report from

Summarily, this data reveals that a short domain name is the best. Hence, always keep in mind that the shorter, the better; a character between 6 and 14 will do just fine.

You might find out that almost all the shorter domain names have been picked and being sold at a high price. If you can’t get a shorter name, then, ensure that your choice of name can be branded.


  1. Easy spellings

If you look at some of the most famous sites such as CNN, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., you will realize that all of them possess easy spellings.

Ensure that your guests can conveniently input your domain name without stress. Consider any name that you have to spell twice as complicated. And also, remember that once your prospective user misspells your domain name, they will be heading to another site.


  1. Easy pronunciation

Your domain name should be easy to type as well as convenient to mention. In this way, you and your users will find it easy to inform others about your domain name orally.


  1. Avoid figures and hyphens

If you want your domain name to be easy to spell and type, then, avoid the use of hyphens and numbers. As we mentioned earlier, you will hardly see any famous sites using a number or hyphen in their name.  Therefore, ensure that your domain name is smooth and direct.


  1. Use Keywords

To improve your SEO, keywords will come handy – but, you have to be careful. Any excessive use of keywords in your domain name will only appear as generic. You should place keywords at the beginning of a domain name if you wish to use it – that’s the most effective position for ranking.

To find keywords, try to use tools such as or Google Keywordplanner.


  1. Focus on Long-Term

Consider your domain name as your eternal wife since it is the most vital component that will define your brand and products for several years. Failure to do so might lead to a decision to change the name in the future, which will cost you funds, branding as well as SEO ranking.


Hence, plan for long-term use while picking your domain name. For instance, “” will do a good job if your brand specializes in optimizing SEO for websites. However, if you believe that you will likely expand into email marketing, PPC among others in the future, then, think twice before picking a domain name.


  1. Consider its availability on Trademarks and Social Media sites


While choosing a particular domain name, verify if the name is already on social media sites or not, and understand whether the name has been registered under any trademarks.


Ideally, your domain name should remain the same in all domains as well as social networks to develop your brand. In this way, your brand’s familiarity will rise, and customers/users will find it easy to locate your site.


Keep off names that have been used as trademarks to prevent legal battles. If you like a name that has been taken, modify it slightly to turn it into a unique name.


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